Our Wonderful Work

We specialize in planning magical, unique and tailor-made events in order to ensure that the most important day of your life is also the most beautiful day of your life. We love our work and take care of every detail of your event with joy and dedication.

Whether it's a party, an inauguration or the day of your “Yes!”, we work to make it special, just like you've always dreamed of!

Corporate Events
Theme Party

Beach Wedding Party

Wedding to the tunes of Sal da Vinci

A romantic “YES!” in Boho Chic style

Wedding in the Gulf of Naples

Coral Wedding

Simplicity and elegance on Ischia

Acquera Luxury Launch Event

Luxury Service for Superyatch

Jungle Party

A birthday in the jungle

The Enchanted Garden

Pure Natural Chic Style

Inauguration of Villa Donn’Anna

Opening Molecular style

Prohibition Theme Party

A 20s style party

A Manhattan Style “YES!”

Wedding New York Style

A Journey of Love

Aperitif at sunset, before getting into a carriage

Ice Party

An ice-age eighteenth birthday party

Winter Dream

A Fairy-tale total white landscape