Are you still up in the air with plans for your wedding day?
Here are some ideas about the most popular themes of the moment, so that you can make it a perfect day!

Greenery, Pantone color of the year 2017, will be the protagonist of the flower arrangements.
Majestic arrangements rich in foliage, will replace the classic flower arrangements, giving the wedding an absolutely “natural” style.
The innovative idea is to use hanging arrangements, or alternatively, candlesticks adorned with a torchon of leaves.

If you love informal and outdoor ceremonies, this is the style for you.
Natural chic flower arrangements, combined with lace and wood, are the key elements of this mood.
The centerpieces, however, can be made of simple jars or glass bottles, decorated with lace ribbons. Everything DIY.
Regarding the location, beaches or romantic country gardens are certainly the most suitable, in harmony with your needs and tastes.
Finally, do not forget that a bride in perfect bohemian style must always wear a delicate crown of flowers!

It is a style that is not very common in Italy; it is characterized by the use of watercolors in order to make all the details of the wedding unique, starting from the invitations up to the wedding cake.
Regarding all the printed matter, in line with this theme, it is advisable to use a calligraphic font, combined with brush strokes in pastel shades to colour the paper.
Finally, the decorations can also be concentrated on a single element, such as a hand-painted plate or a pale-colored tablecloth.

If your dream is a beautiful beach wedding, do it in a tropical style!
Hibiscus flowers, orchids and palm leaves, will make the flower decorations unique.
The shades of colour in tune with this mood vary, ranging from fuchsia, orange, turquoise and lime; but for a more glamorous touch, gold leaves can also be used.

I am often asked to create a vintage-style wedding, but it is necessary to clarify the era of reference.
The 20s, for example, are characterized by black and gold fittings, with feathers and art deco decorations.
Alternatively, you can opt for a trip into the past, perhaps choosing a location such as the splendid Pietrarsa National Museum, or choose the nineteenth-century salons.
In this case, it would be possible to include extras dressed in period clothes among the guests.