The importance of the photographer

I’m not used to being the center of attention, because for me the protagonists are always and only the spouses wrapped up in my creations.
That’s why, when I was asked about the photos for this site, I was worried because I do not like to pose.
But Federica Ariemma thought of everything, she turned my office upside-down by getting my books, boxes and flowers in order, so as to coordinate the shades of the shots. My embarrassment vanished soon after, because Federica was able to put me at ease and grasp the magic of my work by providing me with some amazing photos.
This experience confirmed what I always recommend to my customers: choose your photographer carefully!
It is essential to find a reliable person, who knows how to get in tune with the spouses and who reflects the style you prefer. Today, photojournalism is popular, through which the photographer narrates the wedding by means of spontaneous shots. However, there are also those who prefer posed pictures, with more shots that have been carefully thought-up and constructed.
I cannot but recommend Federica Ariemma who, despite being a young girl, already has a wealth of experience in weddings, as evidenced by her portfolio. At the same time, I recommend Gianni di Natale, who together with his staff, made my wedding unforgettable, capturing every magical moment of that day. Together with Federica and Gianni, there are many talented photographers, but the important thing is to choose a person who is akin to your personality and your needs.
However, it often happens that the newlyweds, caught up in the enthusiasm, make hasty choices; It is good, therefore, to pay close attention to the photographer’s page and, above all, seek advice from the wedding planner.

Ph Federica Ariemma
MUA Nuny Capuozzo


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