Wedding: The Veil

The traditional veil can be very short with a double tier, the so-called birdcage veil or the American way, short, medium, long or very long (called cathedral veil and reserved for princely weddings).
The meaning of the bridal veil is different in various cultures around the world. In ancient Rome, the veil was worn by the bride as a symbol of good luck: During the ceremony it was also placed on the head of the groom, as if it intended to protect the couple. In the Middle Ages, it was common belief that the veil had the task of protecting the bride from evil spirits or from bad luck. In Japan, traditionally the veil is worn by the bride to hide her jealousy.
Did you know that in the south the bride’s veil will be as long as the number of the years of engagement ??? Each year corresponds to one meter, and yours … how long will it be??

Ph. Gianni Di Natale
Hair Stylist Olimpia de Luca
MUA Francesco Riva


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